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Pozitii sexuale ( 12 )

Posted by rebelu on 4th noiembrie 2009

The Prowling Tiger       1.    The male and the female are the two essential ingredients when it comes to sex. But there is one thing that almost all people forget: lubrication. Ample lubrication can make sex more enjoyable for the female and can help the male last longer in bed. 2.    This position [...]

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69 sex-ponturi ( 15 )

Posted by rebelu on 26th octombrie 2009

Masaj thailandez Daca partenera ta e mai usoara si mai mica decit tine, o poti unge din cap pina in picioare cu ulei de masaj, dupa aceea te intinzi comod pe pat si o lasi pe ea sa se aseze pe tine si sa te maseze folosindu-si tot corpul. Unduirea corpurilor si sunetele senzuale ale [...]

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Sculpturi sexy ( 10 )

Posted by rebelu on 23rd octombrie 2009

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69 sex-ponturi ( 14 )

Posted by rebelu on 21st septembrie 2009

Armasar putere Parcheaza masina intr-un loc ferit, lasa motorul pornit, iesiti la lumina zilei si faceti sex pe capota. Fie ca-ti asezi partenera pe burta sau pe spate, vibratiile care se simt sub capota calda vor adauga un plus de placere cu zero efort. Gainatul de porumbei si stratul de praf ar trebui sa dispara [...]

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Pozitii sexuale ( 11 )

Posted by rebelu on 14th septembrie 2009

10:30       1.    This standing position uses a chair for extra support but a desk, table, or wall can be used in its place 2.    After the female is leaning on the chair, he should grasp her waist one hand and her shoulder with the other and keep a tight grip when thrusting [...]

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