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Proverbe ( 32 )

Posted by rebelu on 9th noiembrie 2009

Dac? e?ti bogat sau s?rac, mul?ume?te-te cu soarta ta, fiindc? e nebun cel care nu ?tie s? rd? n orice mprejurare. ( chinez )

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Nunti ( 13 )

Posted by rebelu on 6th noiembrie 2009


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Biblia hazlie ( 40 )

Posted by rebelu on 5th noiembrie 2009

De altfel, era absolut necesar s? intervin? cineva din "preasfnta treime", deoarece nici unul dintre vnturile obi?nuite n-ar fi reu?it s? sece vreodat? o cantitate att de mare de ap?. De vreme ce pe timpul potopului nivelul apei dep??ise cu 15 co?i cei mai nal?i mun?i de pe p?mnt, reiese, dup? unele calcule, c? n [...]

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Pozitii sexuale ( 12 )

Posted by rebelu on 4th noiembrie 2009

The Prowling Tiger       1.    The male and the female are the two essential ingredients when it comes to sex. But there is one thing that almost all people forget: lubrication. Ample lubrication can make sex more enjoyable for the female and can help the male last longer in bed. 2.    This position [...]

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Semne de circulatie ( 14 )

Posted by rebelu on 3rd noiembrie 2009


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