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Sweet Celebrity ( 13 )

Posted by rebelu on 31st iulie 2008


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69 sex – ponturi ( 7 )

Posted by rebelu on 30th iulie 2008

Iubeste-ti calculatorul   Daca nu stii cit de tare trebuie stimulat butonasul ei, iubeste-ti pe indelete laptop-ul ( cu mouse incorporat ). Dupa ce repeti de citeva ori, vei avea de ce sa-I multumesti. Mai intii, umezeste-ti cu saliva virful aratatorului. Apoi, atinge centrul palmei in asa fel incit sa ramina intre degetul tau si [...]

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Nunti ( 5 )

Posted by rebelu on 29th iulie 2008


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Q & A ( 15 )

Posted by rebelu on 28th iulie 2008

  Q. Why do men die before their wives? A. They want to.  

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Pozitii sexuale ( 3 )

Posted by rebelu on 25th iulie 2008

Chinese Chopsticks       The male starts on his back as the woman is on top facing him The female can lean back while she is on top and can support herself using her hands. The female can also change penetration and friction by how wide legs are open.    

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